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JAN- 22 BUILD A DIPOLE : CQ 160-Meter Contest, CW: 2200Z, Jan 28 to 2200Z, Jan 30 -- Winter Field Day: 1900Z, Jan 29 to 1900Z, Jan 30

2021  SALIR & MOSTRAR HOBBY A TODO EL MUNDO ******************************************************************************         2021   GET OUT & SHOW HOBBY ****************************************************************************** check out  satellite passes     do YOU have a  GO KIT?   do it  today for  EMERGENCY Preparedness INDI A  echolink net     node:  INDIA   time: 8:00 am est  12:30 UTC/GMT  please  join us Tips: on SPOTTING AND  SKIMMING -  NO1D-Spotting.pdf ( p Raspberry Pi  net  - echolink  : 1.  ros-ham  on echolink sunday   5 pm est                                                   2. absolute tech net      tuesday  at 7 pm est dodropin ************************************************************************** AWA Linc Cundall Memorial CW Contest : 2300Z, Jan 26 to 2300Z, Jan 27 and 2300Z, Jan 29 to 2300Z, Jan 30   Geographic Focus: United States   Participation: W

LogBook of the World Available to all hams / very instructive

QRZ to information KA1ULN New User Guide- New User Guide Submit qrz qso to LOTW - QRZ to LOTW more on arrl lotw go to WWW.ARRL.ORG/LOTW

SLOW CW 5wpm or less Sunday 8PM EST 7.045 and higher speed 13-20 at 23:30 utc & MORE nets

hello let's increase our CW skills before field day JUN 24, 2021 *Maine Slow Speed Net Training 3.585.00 1800 2300Z Daily W1QU * ka1uln slow CW code 5wpm or less 7.045 8 pm est download  netlogger * ka1uln higher speed  cw net   13-20 wpm  sunday  23:30 for  30 min  7.045 YOU MUST CLICK ON AIM WINDOW here are some other CW links <<<<<<<< lots of slow speed cw nets <<<<<<<< more cw nets please add and register with your callsign and then add ylrl as one of your groups original posted 7/1/2017 updated 12/26/2018 updated 03/20/2019 updated 07/10/2020 updated 08/19/2020

YL Amateur Radio - NEW 1869-1886 YL doing CW

<div> Miss Sadie Ireton, Telephone and Telegraph Operator.   Willard Asylum, 1869 - 1886.  Willard  NY A friend of mine  was feeling  historical and    went  to  Willard   Insane  Asylum and found a    book.  He  saw  this  YL  doinf  CW and  thought   of  me  first  thing.... "Niece  would love  to see a  YL doing  CW" Thanx   so much  Hank  (AB2XG) for thinking  of me.   I appreciate this  information and  picture.  I wish  she  had a  callsign .. I wish we  could find  it.... </div> I challenge anyone (especially YL's) to have one qso with a YL from every state WAS-YL? here are the details YLRLs Have Wonderful Certificates For questions, information and submission on the following certificates: Worked All States YL (WAS-YL) Worked All Continents YL (WAC-YL) YL Century Club (YLCC) DX YL YL-DXCC YL-Digital Modes Contact the YLRL Certificate Manager: Val Lemko VE5AQ 1125 Iroquois St. W.

goal for all hams in next 12 months - recruit/elmer 1 youth

I challenge each and every ham in the next 12 months to recruit/elmer 1 youth. here are some suggestions to recruit 1 young person Male or Female: In order to work with people you can get a local temple,church, hall to do this task 1. work with boy scouts 2. work with girl scouts 3. work with your local grade/junior/high school 4. work with a youth center 4. work with your local YMCA 5. put in paper about teaching some youths ( ages )21 and under 6. do an online recruitment to teach 7. talk to parents first 8. setup a station in a very public location (take note of interested young people) if you have any other ideas/suggestions please add them here.. or send me email

BUDDY-UP project by KA1ULN and YOU

who is your YL buddy?  what projects have you worked on together? which Contests have you worked together? do you need a YL Buddy? Buddy-up YL's 33 ________________________________________ This BUDDY-UP project is created to spark more YL's to push their PTT button, YL's work together, and/or to get more YL (Young Ladies) involved in Amateur radio. (again) here is more about my BUDDY-UP project: GOAL: is to become a better operator with the help of a YL BUDDY When working contests your buddy can hear you and give you feedback on how she is heard in the pile up (this might help when trying for a successful 59 QSO by the operating station) Can help with things like mike gain and other details like this that you the operator cannot hear. PLEASE comment below on who is your buddy This works on all bands. When you hear a YL on the air please give her priority! check out if you have more ideas on this YL BUDDY-UP project please sen

Amateur Radio Digital Modes

So you are getting bored with CW, SSB and listening to people on the radio. here is a Challenge: get into HF or UHF or VHF digital modes PSK31, RTTY, JT65, FT8,  FT4 and many more (these are the more popular ones.) here is a list of digital modes and what each mode sounds like. SOUND SAMPLES OF DIGITAL MODES all digital modes use USB (uppersideband even 160,60,80,40,30) FLDIGI supports CW, FELD HELL, PSK31, olivia, rtty, sstv and lots more WSJTX supports JT65, JT9, WSPR, FT8, FT4 and others Dimension4 or NetTime  is what sync's your computer to everyone else on the frequency *************************************************************** it is the easy thing you have done since you got your license all you need is the following: 1. radio hf/uhf/vhf 2 computer if no soundcard then $3.00 usb thumbdrive soundcard works 3. antenna 4. FREE software: FLDIGI, WSJTX 5. FREE software: time syn