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OCT - 2021 GET OUT & SHOW HOBBY : Telephone Pioneers QSO Party: 1800Z, Oct 24 to 0300Z, Oct 25 and 1800Z, Oct 25 to 0300Z, Oct 26

2021  SALIR & MOSTRAR HOBBY A TODO EL MUNDO ******************************************************************************         2021   GET OUT & SHOW HOBBY ****************************************************************************** check out  satellite passes     do YOU have a  GO KIT?   do it  today for  EMERGENCY Preparedness INDI A  echolink net     node:  INDIA   time: 8:00 am est  12:30 UTC/GMT  please  join us Tips: on SPOTTING AND  SKIMMING -  NO1D-Spotting.pdf ( QCX Challenge : 1900Z-2000Z, Oct 25   Geographic Focus: Worldwide   Participation: Worldwide   Mode: CW   Bands: 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10m   Classes: Single Op   Max power: HP: >5 watts QRP: 5 watts   Exchange: RST + Name + (state/province/country) + Rig   Work stations: Once per band   QSO Points: 3 points per QSO with QCX station 1 point per QSO with non

LogBook of the World Available to all hams / very instructive

QRZ to information KA1ULN New User Guide- New User Guide Submit qrz qso to LOTW - QRZ to LOTW more on arrl lotw go to WWW.ARRL.ORG/LOTW

SLOW CW 5wpm or less Sunday 8PM EST 7.045 and higher speed 13-20 at 23:30 utc & MORE nets

hello let's increase our CW skills before field day JUN 24, 2021 *Maine Slow Speed Net Training 3.585.00 1800 2300Z Daily W1QU * ka1uln slow CW code 5wpm or less 7.045 8 pm est download  netlogger * ka1uln higher speed  cw net   13-20 wpm  sunday  23:30 for  30 min  7.045 YOU MUST CLICK ON AIM WINDOW here are some other CW links <<<<<<<< lots of slow speed cw nets <<<<<<<< more cw nets please add and register with your callsign and then add ylrl as one of your groups original posted 7/1/2017 updated 12/26/2018 updated 03/20/2019 updated 07/10/2020 updated 08/19/2020

YL Amateur Radio - NEW 1869-1886 YL doing CW

<div> Miss Sadie Ireton, Telephone and Telegraph Operator.   Willard Asylum, 1869 - 1886.  Willard  NY A friend of mine  was feeling  historical and    went  to  Willard   Insane  Asylum and found a    book.  He  saw  this  YL  doinf  CW and  thought   of  me  first  thing.... "Niece  would love  to see a  YL doing  CW" Thanx   so much  Hank  (AB2XG) for thinking  of me.   I appreciate this  information and  picture.  I wish  she  had a  callsign .. I wish we  could find  it.... </div> I challenge anyone (especially YL's) to have one qso with a YL from every state WAS-YL? here are the details YLRLs Have Wonderful Certificates For questions, information and submission on the following certificates: Worked All States YL (WAS-YL) Worked All Continents YL (WAC-YL) YL Century Club (YLCC) DX YL YL-DXCC YL-Digital Modes Contact the YLRL Certificate Manager: Val Lemko VE5AQ 1125 Iroquois St. W.