Friday, January 1, 2021

SLOW CW 5wpm or less Sunday 8PM EST 7.045 and higher speed 13-20 at 23:30 utc & MORE nets

hello let's increase our CW skills before field day JUN 24, 2021

*Maine Slow Speed Net Training 3.585.00 1800 2300Z Daily W1QU

* ka1uln slow CW code 5wpm or less 7.045 8 pm est
download  netlogger
* ka1uln higher speed  cw net   13-20 wpm  sunday  23:30 for  30 min  7.045


here are some other CW links <<<<<<<< lots of slow speed cw nets <<<<<<<< more cw nets

please add and register with your callsign and then add ylrl as one of your groups

original posted 7/1/2017
updated 12/26/2018
updated 03/20/2019
updated 07/10/2020
updated 08/19/2020


  1. Thanks for the NET.
    I can only receive, but using the AIM window allows me participate.
    I have been able to hear some of the HAMS using my Inverted "V" multi-band dipole that is facing north-south. I plan to continue with the NET as much as I can.
    Thanks again.

  2. Hi Niece, I'm sure going to try and at least listen on Sunday night(s). My ability to copy is pretty abysmal. Still hoping to have that QSO with you (even at 5 wpm) once I can hold my head up proudly around my Straight Key. Thanks so much for being there for all of us YLs. de KD2GUT Caryn Eve Murray


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