Elecraft KX3 -TIPS, KX3 TO K1EL KEY

planning on purchasing a KX3 with the internal wide range 20-w auto antenna tuner,
internal nimh charger with real time clock,
(any comments about these options?)

do most people use this portable? if so what do you carry it in?

help me out send some options for parts and options for something to carry it in?

I really appreciate it. (i have added a kx3 page on my blog and facebook elecraft page)

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< nice >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Kx3 was purchased and still trying to figure out a lot of things

need to put in a case to carry it portable.
UPDATE: go to harbor freight -- perfect peloquin type case.

please add your comments (for everyone else to see and stay here)
or send mail to ka1uln@arrl.net

thanx so much


i purchased my Kx3 at Boxboro ham fest. I LOVE IT
I only got bare minimum rig and ATU (which is necessary)

I am totally ready to go portable

antenna - QRP guys 40-10 ununantenna
mfj 1899T, made inverted V for 80 meters and will tune to 20 and 40

power: 12v bioenno power -- love this

key: QRP guys iambic kit (really nice)
case: pelican median size box perfect it fits everything
photos later


Here is information to connect K1EL PS2B imabic paddle to KX3
Hi Niece,
Good to hear from you. It's really pretty easy to hook your PS2B to your KX3.

You will need an RCA to 1/8 inch stereo cable. They are pretty easy to find, they look like this:


I wouldn't pay $10 for one, maybe you already have one, they are pretty common.

The Red RCA plug on the cable goes into the red RCA jack on the back of the PS2B (Key Out)

The White RCA cable plug is not used, you can just tape the up so it doesn't come in contact with anything.

On the KX3 side, the 1/8" cable plug goes into the jack marked KEY: (from KX3 manual page 4)

You will need to set the radio up to operate in straight key mode, that menu is covered on KX3 manual page 37:

Set it up for hand key operation.

That should do it, now when you enter CW on you PS2B it should key the radio.

Steve K1EL

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