TAGYL 4/5/21 Digital presentation

There are many Amateur Radio Digital modes: (must use computer)


Major more popular Digital Modes
  • 1. FT8 K1JT software is WSJT-X
  • 2. RTTY Radio teletype 5bit baudot 170HZ 45.45 baud keyboard to keyboard
  • 3. PSK31 Phase Shift Keying 31.25 Hz software: FLDIGI
  • DMR - digital mobile Radio
  • System Fusion - Yaesu
  • ATV - Amateur Television
  • SSTV - Slow Scan Television
  • Feld Hell like a fax printing software FLDIGI
  • FLDIGI - allows many different types of digital software

since FT8 and FT4 are the most popular digital modes Focus is on those

WSJT-X weak signal 2001/2013 Weak Signal k1JT runs on HF UHF/VHF

System Requirements:

  1. - SSB tranceiver and antenna
  2. - Computer running windows 7 or later mac oS 13 , 13 or later linux 1.5 GHZ or faster CPU and 200mb mem
  3. - Monitor with 1024 x 780 resolution
  4. - COMPUTER TO RADIO INTERFACE - using serial port or equiv USB device for transmit/receive switching or CAT control VOX as required
  5. - audio input and output devices supported by computer operating system configured for sample rate 48000 HZ 16 bits
  6. - audio or equivalent USB connections between TRANSCEIVER and Computer
  7. - A means for synchronizing the computer CLOCK to UTC within 1 second
  8. NTP - network time protocol setup NetTime

    Bonus it can write to :

  • LOTW
  • EQSL.cc
  • not to qrz

    works with many other software packages :

  • flrig
  • Ham radio deluxe
  • HAMlib net rigctl
  • Omnirig

when connected to or connected from you see LINE in RED

Waterfall is visual "wide graph"

some information taken arrl.org and https://physics.princeton.edu/ Thank you so much I have enjoyed using digital modes as a amateur Radio Operator

KA1ULN@arrl.net if there are modifications or comments


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