BUDDY-UP - YL helping YL also Confirming Qso's HELP digital, and lots more


thank you so much for visiting my blog. please pass the word about BUDDY-UP.

This BUDDY-UP project is created to spark more YL's to push their PTT button and/or

to get more YL (Young Ladies) involved in Amateur radio. (again)

about the BUDDY-UP project:

GOAL: is to become and BE a better operator with the help of a YL BUDDY

When working contests your buddy can hear you and give you feedback on how she is heard

in the pile up (this might help when trying to be heard by the operating station)

YL's can organize a sched to work together to achieve goals. get WAS - Worked All States
get certificate, and lots more.

YL's can teach each other HOW to log a QSO online. many YL's STILL use paper and pen. (we must
get all YL's to use online confirmations)

check online

This link show HOW to Use QRZ.com to start login and start logging your awesome QSO's.

Yl's can also build their own antenna with wire or aluminum.
check out the Understanding antennas pages here in this BLOG:

topic on YL-OP net was How can WE get more yls interested in this hobby?
I (KA1ULN) saw Girl scouts selling cookies at the local hardware store outside.
first thing i think is more yls. I approached the troop leader and told her i was

i gave her my information and also showed her how amateur radio operators
do use more code i gave her a quick demonstration. she got back to me about
1 month later and told me they had Detective work going on they are doing
interpretive/decipher/analyzing work and they thought it would be a good
time to come and do some morse code. I asked the troop leader to print out
International Morse Code
for everyone attending.
I started the meeting introducing myself only by name and that I was an
Radio Operator. I said " I am more interested in you, what is your hobby"
(Just to break the ice and get them talking etc) just a piece of information
none of the 15 girls said girl scouts.
then i asked the leader to pass out the morse code papers. i went thru
the letter "A" i pointed to the A and said the A is a period and a dash and it
sounds like DIT DUH. i went thru B and C. and then asked the girls to write
down their name on the bottom of the paper in morse code.
I had brought along with me me a straight key with a speaker on it and another
with a very bright light on it.

then ask the girls who wants to go first to try to do their name on the key.
one girl was brave and did it perfect. they all got excited....
we did that for about 20 minutes.
i explained how Amateur Radio operators use morse code. and use
Puerto Rico as an example how they do not have electricity for months
and some of their family do not even know where they are.
they loved it . I ended by telling them a little of what I do (just a little) then
left. on the way out the door one of the leaders said "are you coming back....”,
I replied only if I am invited.
so hopefully the girls went home and hopefully explained to their parents what they did.

so hopefully more later... and hopefully 1 of them is more interested.
I did give the leader the arrl form to get the girl scout badge for radio and communication.
I also gave them the form to send in for the fcc youth participation.

33 Niece

Your BUDDY can help shape your perceptions, outlook, values, culture, emotions, and behaviors of ham radio.

CULTURE - of other YL's
BEHAVIOR - of you during a CONTEST

Good communication requires listening — and can make a huge difference in group work.
For example, by listening to various opinions, you could take the lead by incorporating
all of them, or explaining why only one of them will work. BUDDY-UP should feel they
have a voice, which is very important, but if you want to be more influential, you
can be more engaged, (talkative), show how motivated you are (while motivating others),
and share your own perceptions frequently. Your peers will view you as someone they can
look up to and work well with.

This could be a “confidence boost” for the next time you are ill-prepared to discuss something out loud.

Terms to help with your qsos

UFG = when on a net with many people you can go UFG = UP FOR GRABS
BTN = when on a net with many people you can go BTN = back to net when FINI

Can help with things like mike gain and other details like this that you the operator

and work together.

Get email address from qrz.com

Figure out a schedule and work each other during the week.

This works on all bands.

When you hear a YL on the air please give her priority!

check out YLRL.org

if you have more ideas on this YL BUDDY-UP project please send them to me KA1ULN@arrl.net

Thanx so much and BUDDY-UP (with one or more YL BUDDIES.)

PS: there is a SLOW SLOW CW net on sunday night 8 pm EST 7.045 .

BUDDY-UP with them NOW.

this was shared by W1AYL>>> http://hintlink.com/power_density.htm

she used this to determine how much RF was in the shack.

here is more on digital modes.
when tuning around on hf or uhf/vhf and you here tones you don't recognize
check this table for what it is and where it is

Digital Mode Sound Samples

check this blog everyday for more updates.

ka1uln (reminder: CONFIRM all Your QSO's)


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