Tuesday, June 28, 2016

SPIRIT OF 76 (7 Days, 6 Modes) QSO PARTY

SPIRIT OF 76 (7 Days, 6 Modes) QSO PARTY
This event will run for 7 days and be around July 4th of each year. Make as many contacts as you can during the week using 6 modes. The modes that will be used are as follows as well as the suggested frequencies to monitor:

1. USB (28.345)

2. RTTY (28.086)

3. CW (28.050)

4. FM (29.600)

5. PSK (28.120)

6. AM (29.000)

Scoring will be as normal for QSO Parties, 2 points for members and 1 point for non-members. Dupes will be allowed once for each mode. It will be possible to work the same call 6 times in each of the various modes for a maximum total of 12 points per call. All other normal rules apply. Logs shall be forwarded to the QSO Party Manager.

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