Friday, June 26, 2015

EME net

for those of you just getting interested in EME - Moonbounce operation,
there is a net operation every weekend where you can obtain additional
information or make schedules. The net starts aprox 1500 GMT on 14.345 Mhz
with 432 and above EME. It is followed by the 2 mtr EME net at aprox 1600/1700 GMT.
EME scheduling from the nets is done with the SKD program. SKD is freeware
developed by W9HLY, N1BUG and AF9Y. Here's the latest version: (181K Bytes)

The data files for SKD87a are updated every Monday Evening by Brian Manns, W3EME.
You can contact him at for automatic emailing each week or
you can download it here: vhfsched.skd (aprox 90K Bytes)

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