Friday, June 3, 2016

Incredible Amateur Radio Operator's Story on becoming a ham! - TA2AZP

1999 Earthquake victim

Zeynep Pirim
hi ladies, i want to tell more about myself, (forgive me for my bad english im trying to improve it, because i want to talk with you,)
i have lots of problem about being ham, firstly as you know turkey is developing country, and patriarchal, im very unhappy. also im student, im unemployed, im not able to buy hf radio and antenna etc. but i love my hobby, it changed my life. i have never sleep well before being ham, because, maybe you can remember, in 1999 ─░zmit earthquake occurred on 17 August, i was 11 years old, my friends died, everybody died. i lived bad things. you know..
there was only one (1) ham in yalova in 1999, so nobody could help us, 4 day later he could call the others for help. it was too late.
i wanted to be ham for this reason. but then, i noticed its also wonderful hobby. you can meet new people, new cultures, but only if you have money and if you are 'man' =)
so i decided to search for ladies, i found you, its unbelievable! i surpised and shocked. its big change for me. im reading your diyalog and trying to understand, improve my language, and one day when i will be resarch asistan in university i can buy my hf, i can find what i need to build antenna, and i can talk with you. i know its big dream but i believe. =)
thanks for help, thanks a lot. i'm proud of each one of you. loves, Zeynep / ta2azp , 33!"

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