Wednesday, July 22, 2015 contest 8/1/15 SSB 0001Z

Summer Phone QSO Party
From Saturday 01 August 2015 To Sunday 02 August 2015

Location : 10 Meters

EXCHANGE = 10-10 Member: Name + 10-10 number + (state/province/country)
Non-Member: Name + 0 + (state/province/country)

Contact : Dan Morris KZ3T

Logs must be postmarked NLT August 17, 2015 (Alternate)

Upload logs at the KJ4IZW if possible, otherwise email logs to either of above addresses.

let's do this YL's I(KA1ULN) challenge all YL's

QST - YL on front cover KM4HFY

This is wonderful that a YL is on the front cover of QST.

KM4HFY = Megan Brown via W4MSA - Martha Muir

send W4MSA email congratulating Megan and Martha

Let's get more YL's on the front cover of QST.

QRV - we are ready

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Every Tuesday night a live Ham Radio and shortwave program on W5KUB.COM at 8 PM CT (0100 UTC Wed). this show is also simulcast on powerful 100 KW shortwave station WTWW on 5085 Khz. Chat room and phone lines will be open. Guest this week is John Cunningham W1AI talking about Ham it Forward. Next week we have Riley Hollingsworth, retired, in charge of FCC Amateur radio enforcement division.
Tom Medlin's photo.


73/33 ka1uln

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