Wednesday, April 1, 2015

LZ Open 40 m Sprint 0400-0800 Z April YL ops CW only

LZ Open 40m Sprint Contest: 0400Z-0800Z, Apr 4
Mode: CW
Bands: 40m Only
Classes: Single Op (High/Low/QRP)
Straight Key
Lady Ops
Max power: QRP: 5W
Exchange: 3-Digit Serial No. + 3-Digit Serial No. received from last QSO
Work stations: Once each 30 minutes
QSO Points: 1 point per QSO
Multipliers: (none)
Score Calculation: Total score = total QSO points
Submit logs by: April 14, 2015
E-mail logs to: LZ1GL[at]yahoo[dot]com
Mail logs to: (none)
Find rules at:

Boxboro - The ARRL New England Convention 2015


at the Holiday Inn in Boxborough, Massachusetts

August 21-22-23, 2015


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Sunday, March 29, 2015

YL contests? what do you want?

what type of Yl contest would YOU (males or females) be interested in which focus would be on YL's only?

comment right here with all your suggestions
or email     KA1ULN1@GMAIL.COM

a 1 day contest
a 2 day contest

what about  having a contest with something like collect YL's from  X states in 1 day?
something like that?

put more here....

main section of Antenna, feedline COAX

this is what I refer to as the main section of the antenna.    check yours and reply here to let me know what state your coax is in?  it is wet, touching the trees, is it bent?   did you solder it perfect?

I always use the arrl antenna book when i am soldering coax.     check it out.

ps: check out


got picture from  thank you

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