Wednesday, March 11, 2015

BUDDY-UP project by KA1ULN and YOU

who is your YL buddy? what projects have you worked on together? which Contests have you worked together?

do you need a YL Buddy? join us on the thursday night net, and listen or inquire about needed a Buddy.

TIP: make sure your buddy is within HF rangemeet us on thursday night on echolink (need smartphone, tablet, desktop computer or laptop

come to NFARL.DODROPIN.ORG for the echolink chatroom and on echolink search for NFarl NF4GA-R



thank you so much for visiting my blog.

please pass the word about BUDDY-UP.

This BUDDY-UP project is created to spark more YL's to push their PTT button, YL's work together, and/or

to get more YL (Young Ladies) involved in Amateur radio. (again)

here is more about my BUDDY-UP project:

GOAL: is to become a better operator with the help of a YL BUDDY

When working contests your buddy can hear you and give you feedback on how she is heard

in the pile up (this might help when trying for a successful 59 QSO by the operating station)

Can help with things like mike gain and other details like this that you the operator

cannot hear. Meetup with a buddy here on the net (thursday night - echolink NF4GA-R 8 pm est)

and work together.

Get email address from

Figure out a schedule and work each other during the week. PLEASE comment below on who is your buddy

This works on all bands.

When you hear a YL on the air please give her priority!

check out

if you have more ideas on this YL BUDDY-UP project please send them to me KA1ULN@MAIL.COM

Thanx so much and BUDDY-UP (with one or more YL BUDDIES.)

PS: right now there are about 4-5 YL BUDDY-UP doing CW on 15 meters.

BUDDY-UP with them NOW.

check this blog everyday for more updates.

ka1uln (reminder: CONFIRM all Your QSO's)


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