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What is 10-10 ?

Ten-Ten International Net, or 10-10 for short, is an organization of amateur radio operators
dedicated to maintaining high levels of amateur radio communications on the 10-meter amateur
band (28.0-29.7 MHz). Established in 1962, 10-10 has grown continuously since that day, with
some ups and downs according to the numbers of sunspots and the openness of the band.

As you read this, the number of 10-10 numbers issued to members is over 76,000. 10-10 would
welcome your membership in the organization if you have an amateur radio license with 10-meter
privileges. 10-10 is a volunteer organization with no paid officers. Although 10-10 does
contract for certain services to ensure that each member receives his or her quarterly issue
of 10-10 News, the 30+ page journal of 10-10 activities, the real work of providing services
for members falls on the shoulders of dedicated volunteers.

The 10-10 Mission Statement 10-10 offers the 10-meter enthusiast the opportunity to share
in a wide variety of activities internationally, not the least of which is meeting new and
old friends. By keeping the band active through participation in 10-10 nets, QSO parties,
and certificate collection, 10-10 offers both satisfaction and challenges, while promoting
learning and courteous operating practices. The combination of on-the-air activities, awards,
a bi-annual convention, and the 10-10 News creates an unusually strong bond among 10-10 members.

Niece: I have inquired about BattleRoad 10-10 chapter because there does not seem to be
anything mentioned and the net time did not take place. I do know Ken K1IEQ. about 3 years ago
he approached me and wanted to talk more about Battleroad with me. with this and more information
i have learned he is not able to continue the chapter. I have chatted with many 10-10 officers
and battleroad members because i have would like to keep the group active.

If you have any questions about BATTLEROAD chapter of 10-10 YOU ARE MORE THAN WELCOME TO
CONTACT ME: NIECE ( We will not let this group go defunct.

Founded in 1990. The chapter currently has over 1350 members world wide. The theme of the
chapter parallels the movement of the British Troops against the Colonists, in the 1770's,
and the battles and battle grounds that were encountered. We hope you have fun earning your
seals and awards as you travel on: "The Battle Road" what is the BATTLEROAD:


Thursday, January 22, 2015

YLRL YL-OM contest feb 7-9 AND 10-10 winter qso party (10 meters) feb 7-8

YLRL contest YL-OM Contest February 7th - 9th 1400 UTC-0200 UTC SSB/CW/Digital mark your calendars rules can be found on ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ 10-10 Winter Phone QSO Party From Saturday 07 February 2015 - 00:00 To Sunday 08 February 2015 - 23:59 by kz3tdan Hits : 85 Location : 10M Contact : KZ3T - Dan Morris Upload logs at the KJ4IZW contest web site at: or email logs to: or (Alt)

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