Saturday, November 15, 2014

HF Digital Modes - Interested ?

I have always been interested in  Ham radio digital modes.

NOW they are in full swing.  very interested in DMR(digital mobile radio): and NOT DSTAR(mostly because it is ONLY ICOM)

I saw a demonstration of DMR by NE1B at the November Monthly BARS (Billerica MASS) meeting.   I am fascinated by it.    one radio is only $184 bucks.

Also, HF PSK31 is awesome.... it reminds me of my VHF packet days but better and faster.

I am an avid SSTV user... I have only transitted once.  I got my 80 meter dipole up about 30 more feet this weekend now about 90 feet.. but my SWR is still not very good.

This prompted me to get a RIGEXPERT.  wow does that help.

so look for me out there on 28.390  10 meter favorite  ( help me get was on 10)
                                             14.230  SSTV
                                             14.288  YLRL    (help me get DXYL)
                                               3.912  YLRL
                                             14.070  PSK31

I have just technically joined the  Digital modes club   with a number
so now I can play the game.

33/73  see ya on the bands

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

HF DIGITAL MODES Amateur Radio Ham radio

So you are getting bored with  CW, SSB and listening to people on the radio.

here is a Challenge:     get into HF digital modes

SSTV,  Packet,   PSK31,   RTTY,  JT65,  JF65,  and many more (these are the more popular ones.

here is a link from the arrl for digital modes>>

    and a link for the "digital modes club" >>>>

so come out and join me where the REAL fun is.

let me know how you like it or if you ANY questions.   I will try to supply more answers here.


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