Saturday, November 15, 2014

HF Digital Modes - Interested ?

I have always been interested in  Ham radio digital modes.

NOW they are in full swing.  very interested in DMR(digital mobile radio): and NOT DSTAR(mostly because it is ONLY ICOM)

I saw a demonstration of DMR by NE1B at the November Monthly BARS (Billerica MASS) meeting.   I am fascinated by it.    one radio is only $184 bucks.

Also, HF PSK31 is awesome.... it reminds me of my VHF packet days but better and faster.

I am an avid SSTV user... I have only transitted once.  I got my 80 meter dipole up about 30 more feet this weekend now about 90 feet.. but my SWR is still not very good.

This prompted me to get a RIGEXPERT.  wow does that help.

so look for me out there on 28.390  10 meter favorite  ( help me get was on 10)
                                             14.230  SSTV
                                             14.288  YLRL    (help me get DXYL)
                                               3.912  YLRL
                                             14.070  PSK31

I have just technically joined the  Digital modes club   with a number
so now I can play the game.

33/73  see ya on the bands

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