Saturday, December 20, 2014

AMATEUR RADIO YL'S do you want to do Slow Scan Tv SSTV

Are you are YL (Young Lady) Amateur Radio Operator and have an interest in SSTV (Slow Scan TV)?

please let us know by responding to this BLOG or send Niece and email: KA1ULN@MAIL.COM

First let me point you to our BIBLE (if you will)

here is the minimum equipment you need in order to do SSTV:

a radio transmitter,
b computer plus software software: mmsstv ( 1 alternative)
c and a hardware interface between the two (rigblaster)

here is another really great page for basics easy read
get on one of the frequencies 14.230 and check out the pictures.

send me email: if you have more questions just post comments/questions or suggestions right here

Thursday, December 18, 2014

United States hams operating outside of US... what to do?

Operating Overseas Operating Overseas FAQ
1) Does the country you will be visiting participate in a multilateral reciprocal operating
authority--CEPT or IARP? If so, operate under CEPT or IARP.
2) If it does not, can I obtain a Reciprocal Operating Permit even if the country does not share a Reciprocal Operating Agreement (bilateral) with the US? Yes
3) Are you traveling to Canada? The US and Canada share an automatic reciprocal operating agreement. How can I operate outside the US?

You can find a complete listing of the requirement for a country or countries at Operating Information by Country. This includes most countries, including CEPT and IARP participating countries. How can I operate when CEPT or IARP isn't possible? Yes. It is possible to obtain a permit a permit for almost every country in the world. Although ARRL maintains paper files at HQ, the most up-to-date information on obtaining permission to operate in a country can be found online at the ARRL Web site or on the Web site of Veikko Komppa, OH2MCN. ARRL HQ and Veke, OH2MCN, work together to make sure that up-to-date information appears. This can include information on the national Amateur Radio society, repeaters and local clubs. Information on travel warnings in a particular country can be obtained from the US Department of State with the primary purpose of alerting the public to adverse conditions in specific countries. Are there guidelines for obtaining a permit? The most complete information appears on the ARRL Web page. If specific application information for a country on this page is unavailable or unclear, write a letter of request or send an e-mail to the countries telecommunications authority for a permit. Include information on the purpose of your trip, the dates and place(s) of your stay, your passport and the equipment you intend to use. Attach to it a photocopy of your amateur radio license issued by FCC. In some cases where Amateur Radio is not widespread, a letter attesting to your character signed by the chief of police (or equivalent) of your hometown might help if attached. Submit your application as much in advance of your trip as possible. It may take 30 to 90 days or more to be processed. Do not forget to keep a photocopy of everything you send for future reference. This does not guarantee that you will get operating permission, but it is a start. In many cases, it is important to have contacts in a country and the IARU society of that country may be helpful. What are my privileges are in the country I will visit? When operating under CEPT or IARP, there are two classes: Class 1 licensees are those who have demonstrated proficiency in Morse code to the licensing agency. They may operate with the same privileges they are authorized in their home country provided that they do not exceed those privileges granted to the highest class license available in the country. Class 2 licensees have not demonstrated proficiency in Morse code to their national telecommunications agency and are limited to privileges above 50 MHz. If the country does not participate in CEPT or IARP, the privileges are whatever the telecommunications agency granting the reciprocal operating authority says that they are. If not specified, the ITU Regional provisions apply generally, but there may be exceptions. How can I operate my station in Canada? When a US amateur operates in Canada, simply bring your FCC license, proof of your US citizenship (a birth certificate or other proof) and identify as call / Canadian identifier, like N1KB/VE3. At least once during the communication, you must state your geographical location, like "30 km north of Toronto."

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Amateur radio contests thru the end of year 2014

If you are having trouble reading this message, you can see the original at:
The ARRL Contest Update
If you are hesitant about diving into heavy CW traffic, the kinder, gentler ARRL Rookie Roundup's CW edition will help you give it a try. Answer stations calling "CQ R" ("CQ Rookies" - a non-Rookie looking for Rookies) or call "CQ RR" yourself ("CQ Rookie Roundup" - a Rookie looking for any station) at a speed at which you feel comfortable. After you enjoy Rookie Roundup, don't forget to take a tap at the key in the ARRL Straight Key Night before your New Year's Eve fun begins. It starts precisely at Jan 1, 0000Z and runs for 24 hours on 3.5-28 MHz and all bands from 50 MHz up. Exchange general QSO information and send in your list of contacts by Jan 31st. December 20-21 ARRL Rookie Roundup--CW NAQCC Milliwatt Sprint--CW (Dec 17) Russian 160 Meter Contest (Dec 18) Feld-Hell Rudolf Hell Sprint OK DX RTTY Contest Lighthouse Christmas Lights QSO Party Croatian CW Contest December 27-28 SKCC Straight Key Sprint (Dec 24) DARC XMAS Contest (Dec 26) RAC Winter Contest Iron Ham Contest Stew Perry Top Band Distance Challenge--CW Original QRP Contest--CW RAEM Contest--CW don't forget to pass the word for the blog KA1ULN.BLOGSPOT.COM

Monday, December 15, 2014

WHAT is 10-10?

This statement is taken from
if you are interested in 10 meters) Ten-Ten International Net,
or 10-10 for short, is an organization of amateur radio operators
dedicated to maintaining high levels of amateur radio communications
on the 10-meter amateur band (28.0-29.7 MHz). Established in 1962,
10-10 has grown continuously since that day, with some ups and downs
according to the numbers of sunspots and the openness of the band.
As you read this, the number of 10-10 numbers issued to members is over
76,000. 10-10 would welcome your membership in the organization if you
have an amateur radio license with 10-meter privileges.
10-10 is a volunteer organization with no paid officers.
Although 10-10 does contract for certain services to ensure that each
member receives his or her quarterly issue of 10-10 News, the 30+
page journal of 10-10 activities, the real work of providing services
for members falls on the shoulders of dedicated volunteers.

I love being a member and love 10 meters so we are a good match



Wednesday, December 10, 2014

ARRL 10 meter contest this weekend Dec 13,14

Objective: For Amateurs worldwide to exchange QSO information with as many stations as possible on the 10 meter band. Second full weekend of December. Starts 0000 UTC Saturday; runs through 2359 UTC Sunday (December 13-14, 2014) 4. Contest Exchange: 4.1. W/VE stations (including Hawaii and Alaska) send RS(T) and state or province (District of Columbia stations send signal report and DC). 4.2. DX stations (including KH2, KP4, etc) send RS(T) & sequential serial number starting with 001. 4.3. Mexican stations transmit RS(T) and their state. 4.4. Maritime mobile stations send RS(T) and ITU Region (R1, R2 or R3). see ya on 10 meters. I love 28.390 KA1ULN PLZ do not forget to confirm your QSO's

Monday, December 8, 2014

Please confirm your QSO's

We are finding that many Hams are not confirming their Qso's. so PLEASE go on QRZ, or LOTW(ARRL) and
what have you and confirm your Qso's this would help many hams strive for certificates.

thank you Niece /KA1ULN

Thursday, December 4, 2014

who and what is the YLRL

Who and what is the YLRL YLRL Encourages The YLRL (Young Ladies' Radio League) exists to encourage and assist YLs (Young Ladies) throughout the world to enter into the Amateur Radio Service. There are a variety of interests to offer licensed YLs: Traffic Handling, Public Service, ARES, Contests, Awards, DX, etc., on AM, CW, SSB, FM, RTTY, AMTOR, Packet and Satellite. Of course, there are the infinite benefits derived from ju Come on in—the YLs are anxious to meet you! join us KA1ULN

YL ANTENNA BUILDING - updated 3/26/15

see update Understanding Antenna's page on this blog

I have been a ham for about 25 years and have mostly had beams. but, I am very interested in dipoles

and building them perfect. I have always built either 80 meter dipole or 10 meter dipole. I hear many

Yl's that use G5RV's. one VE1lt (OM) told me about the alpha delta wire antenna. (I am currently

checking them out) I will promise to post all my current experience with building dipoles. I have a

rig-expert for analyzing an antenna. if you have any tips or ideas shoot me an email

YLRL members if you are a YLRL member and you heard my Antenna talk on 3/26/15 on echolink net and you would
like for me to send you all the pieces of one of the dipoles I talked about let me know and I will mail it to you
if you pay the shipping which should not be too much because it is mostly 12 guage wires

YL interesting in upgrading to Extra

if you are interested in upgrading to extra ..
If you are interested in participating in a YL Extra Class Study Group –
please email Marian at
Even if you are not local to state of Georgia, we may be able to work out
something via phone, so please don’t hesitate to let us know if you are interested!
Study group not to kick off January of 2015 with first meeting being a layout of what
works best for the group.

YL net on echolink every thursday night at 8 est (EXCELLENT)

Please join all the YL's on the echolink station NF4GA-R They are based in Georgia. they have an active CHAT which goes along with it thank you all for supporting YL hams.... 33 KA1ULN

YL ham on ISS

here is he link about the YL on the new space station

Saturday, November 15, 2014

HF Digital Modes - Interested ?

I have always been interested in  Ham radio digital modes.

NOW they are in full swing.  very interested in DMR(digital mobile radio): and NOT DSTAR(mostly because it is ONLY ICOM)

I saw a demonstration of DMR by NE1B at the November Monthly BARS (Billerica MASS) meeting.   I am fascinated by it.    one radio is only $184 bucks.

Also, HF PSK31 is awesome.... it reminds me of my VHF packet days but better and faster.

I am an avid SSTV user... I have only transitted once.  I got my 80 meter dipole up about 30 more feet this weekend now about 90 feet.. but my SWR is still not very good.

This prompted me to get a RIGEXPERT.  wow does that help.

so look for me out there on 28.390  10 meter favorite  ( help me get was on 10)
                                             14.230  SSTV
                                             14.288  YLRL    (help me get DXYL)
                                               3.912  YLRL
                                             14.070  PSK31

I have just technically joined the  Digital modes club   with a number
so now I can play the game.

33/73  see ya on the bands

Monday, July 21, 2014

ARRL convention 100

the convention was incredible.  I am just hoping to see more younger people.   I think ham radio needs to start a movement to get younger people more active.      

no young people gave any presentations (that I know of)    all sessions I attended were directed at hams in the hobby or many years.     let's start to improve the setting for the 200th convention.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

YLRL nets are looking YL (YOUNG Ladies/FEMALES/WOMEN)

The YLRL nets (time and space for women to chat on the radio)
for females/women/ladies are looking for MORE YL's to join  us on the  nets.

The main website we are affiliated with is   WWW.YLRL.ORG affiliated with arrl.

2 specific nets I would love to have more YL's join us are the following:

1.  WEDNESDAY MORNING AT 8:30  EST    frequency  (80 METERS)  3.912

2.  THURSDAY NIGHT AT 9:00 PM EST    frequency  (20 meters)   14.288

net control for both nets is  ANNE    - WB1ARU.

if you have any other questions please contact me (Niece    KA1ULN) AT  KA1ULN@MAIL.COM

if you see this posting and are NOT a yl please pass the word about this to all females with radio license.

33 ka1uln

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Andover Emergency management Group invites W1HIS - Propogation

MIT Professor Chuck Counselman, W1HIS, will give a presentation on HF Propagation on May 7th, at 7pm, at the Andover Safety Center in Andover, MA. Hosted by the Andover Emergency Management Group (AEMG) this talk is a general primer on HF propagation.

The talk will be oriented towards the ham who has a 100-W HF transceiver, no amp, and no tower, just a trapped multiband vertical on the ground or a wire 25 ft above ground, and who rarely (if ever) works CW or any of the so-called digital modes. The goal is to enable this ham to choose the best combination of time and frequency to work, say, parts of the USA 50, 150, 1500, and 3000 miles away, the Caribbean, and Europe, by SSB on HF.

The level of the presentation assumes that the intended audience has heard of ionospheric propagation but is fuzzy about how the maximum and minimum usable frequencies (MUF & LUF) vary with time of day, time of year, and solar activity; and what happens around the times of local sunrise & sunset.

The practical, how-to, mechanical aspects of HF ionospheric propagation  will be emphasized while the theoretical aspects are minimized. Just enough of the science will be discussed to help the ham remember why and when things happen.  Covered will be daytime D-region absorption; critical frequencies, such as foF2; NVIS; normal daytime E and F, and normal night-time F2 propagation; single and multiple F-hops.  Little will be said about paths longer than about 5000 miles (8000 km).

 Web sites will be listed where ready-made propagation predictions can be found, and where customized propagation predictions can be generated for the individual's TX power, antenna, and mode (e.g., CW or SSB voice).

all invited

KA1ULN   >>> YL
>>>>>catch me on 28.390<<<<<<


Searching for all Ham Radio Young Ladies

if you are a YL and love Ham Radio, we are looking for YOU.

Please join all YL's on thursday night   9 pm  EST on  14.288 20 meters.  there are YL's all over the world

on  and would like to share with you.

Some love to chat, some love to collect for certificates and lots more.

Ham Radio is back in FULL FORCE and needs you to support and improve it.


WSSTVC 15 meter Fall Dash SSTV

This is a short note to remind you of the forthcoming WSSTVC 15-Meter Fall Dash 
SSTV Contest which will be held this coming weekend.

The Contest starts on Saturday, 5 April 2014 at 00:00 UTC, ends on Sunday,
 6 April 2014 at 23:59 UTC, and is held in the 15-meter band.

The Club now has over 450 members, and members are encouraged to take part - 
the more members you contact, the more multiplier points you will receive.

Full rules and more information at .
Please Note: The Contest WILL take place this weekend!  I have unfortunately 
had some medical problems this last few months, and I have not scored the 
Fall 2013 Contest yet, but I am now definitely on the road to recovery. 
Rob DM1CM, WSSTVC Admin.

come and join us.

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