Sunday, February 10, 2013

10-10 YL-OM contrst 2/11 thru 2/13

I am really looking forward to any 10 meter activity.

10 meters has been quite dead fro about 10 years and it is NOW time for it to come ALIVE.

It is my favorite BAnd  because I think it requires you to really tweak your shack.

I am an antenna net and try to focus on antenna and not just to apply more power.  it is easy to get 2000 watts and make every QSO you hear. 

but when you hear something and you want to contact them, it is awesome when you have your shack in tune.

so 10 meters here I come., BTW: I need  NJ and VT for WAS (worked all states on 10 meter)

160 meter dipole
Cushcraft R5
Hygain 10 meter beam (in the process)
30 foot tower (to come in spring when all snow is gone.)

meet me on 28.390  almost anytime.  I am also on echolink  

interested in remote control my station and satellites.

must first focus on extra by April 1.

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