The Day of the YL's MEMORIAL NOV 7, 8 2020

This Group is in memory of F5ISY - Carine DUBOIS

She developed this YL contest and did not ever see it to the end. WE are now going to make this happen in her memory.

" The Day of YLs " NOVEMBER 7 and 8 2020



Aim of this day : To promote YLs activity around the world

Time : 2020-11-07 00h00 UTC to 2020-11-08 23:59h00 UTC

80m; 40m; 20m; 10m;VHF: 2M  Modes : CW, SSB, FT8 RTTY

To help competitors to find each other we propose to use frequencies +/- 10 kHz
from the following activity center frequencies:

Exchanges : RS(T) + YL/OM (e.g. 59(9)+ YL/OM)
The same station may be worked once on each band and mode

Award : An award will be issued to all participants (SWLs also) who has contacted or heard for the 33 points with YLs (pdf file):

For YL / YL 3 points
For YL / OM 1 point
For DX YL's outside of your own continent 5 points
For DX OM's outside of your own continent 2 points

Logs : submit scores to for DOYL

Mail object : call + OM/YL + Number of YL contacted + Total number of QSO + signal report

You can use N1MM+ its best if we all use the same log....

claimed scores must be posted  by Nov 16.


  1. Timing is not good for VK and ZL we will be at work AND 3830 is only a Boasting website: not score checking; Poorly thought out Contest Timing and Score checking

  2. With the suggested frequencies sounds like you need to be an extra to participate on 75 and 40 meters on SSB.

  3. Exchanges question...What does the second (9) mean? I assume YL/OM means YO ro Operator Male. Thanks, Eddie / N2ECS

  4. Hi - So, I gather we start at 2000 on 5/23. Is there a way to call CQ on CW to identify contest interest. Also, I gather that as an OM I only work YLs. But on CW, this is tricky.

    Advice? 73's - Ken W1NQT

  5. I am calling CQ on 14.241 - Band seems a bit noisy.

  6. \What is OM and SWL? I just came across stations on DX Summit but did not know of contest before. It is not listed with QST where I look for ideas. So when will this happen in 2021? N4JHW in FL/YL

  7. When will this be in 2021? It is too late to enter. I worked a few stations but it was not listed on QST page. Just found them on DX Summit.

    1. there will be a Special Memorial EVENT in November 2020. watch here fr more information

  8. Sorry if I'm ignorant, what is a YL? I could speculate but I won't.

  9. with sincere respect I do know that she is was a tremendous woman …….

  10. with sincere respect I do know that she is was a tremendous woman …….


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