Friday, September 21, 2018

WHERE TO FIND YLs - Amateur Radio Operators

This is where the YLs in the KNOW are!

1. Wednesday mornings  8:30 am  est  3.912     all yls
2. Facebook  yl  ham radio operators lots and lots of yls from all over the world  on 24/7
friend  me  and   I will add you      Niece  KAONEULN HAYNES
3. YL net wednesday  14.288  (YL  frequency)   Wednesday   at 09:00 est  wb1aru  runs   the   net
4. YL op net   thursday  night  00:01 utc  8 pm  est come to ALARA conference  node
also    to chat  on side   we  meet   in
5. YLRL District 5 Oklahoma CONVENTION
7. DMR WWYL talkgroup tg 955 saturday morning 11:00 am est
8. listen and watch for YLOA announcement YL's On Air


iF I have forgot anything please forward it to me and i will insert it with your credit and callsign

When attending any Amateur Radio Ham fest please LOOK for the YL table.

always give YLs priority on all the bands.

tell em Niece (knee-see sent ya)

YLOA - Copyright © 2018 KA1ULN

updated 9/20/2018

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