Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Amateur Radio Digital Modes becoming more and more popular.

here are some easy tips to working out your digital modes.

it just takes persistence!

make sure your ALC meter stays on 0 (if it is moving then there is something wrong!)

power out must be below 20 watts ( i use 5 watts most of the time)

a few handy websites:

software to download for jt65 : jt65-hf or wsjt-x

if you use Ham Radio deluxe or DxLab it works with those also.

there are a few other digital mode and psk31 and jt65 items in the blog:

you are more than welcome to peruse everything and comment about all or any of the items.

9/7/17 List of ham radio software FREE

enjoy: these are here for you!

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