Thursday, September 22, 2016

BYLARA Convention 2016

Convention 2016

The girls of BYLARA are now in the process of planning the convention.

Dates: October 3rd – 10th 2016.

If you have any ideas of what you would like to see or do, or tours you might like, please get hold of:
Carol Jenni, or Judith .

They will take everything into consideration and put the best package together for your enjoyment.

Please note that RSGB Convention for 2016 will be from 7th – 9th October, so those are the dates to work around for our IYL event.

We hope to have something arranged for the three days previous as well, leading up to the RSGB lectures etc.

Elaine 2E1BVS and I spoke to Graham Coomber (RSGB General Manager) at Blackpool.
He is willing to help us in any way that he can and has invited us to attend this year to get a ‘feel’ for the facilities on offer.
So make sure your passports are up to date.
The convention will be held in Milton Keynes

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