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YLISSB QSO Party cw: FEB 0000 15-16 2400z ssb: FEB 0000z 15-16 2400z


Sponsored by YL International SSB System - YLISSB

The YLISSB was originated in 1963 by K4ICA with members worldwide.

Presently over 15.500 members, operating on 14.332 daily.

Dedicated to building friendship among all people through Amateur
Radio. To be of service to our fellow man.

The QSO party is open to all - members as well as non-members.


CW - 2003: Saturday Feb 15, 0000 UTC - Sunday Feb 16, 2400 UTC

SSB - 2003: Saturday Mar 15, 0000 UTC - Sunday Mar 16, 2400 UTC

Frequency: Any HF band, no repeater use.

Mode: CW, SSB, Combo (CW & SSB).

Exchange: Call sign, RST, State or Country, YLISSB # (for members).

Requirements: 2 six-hour down times.

Categories & Award Certificates for:

• Single operator
• YL/OM Team
• DX/US Partner

Pending the number of logs, certificates will be provided for:

• DX High score
• Combo Phone/CW high score


• Members on own continent - 3 points
• Members on other continents - 6 points
• DX Non-Members - 3 points
• Stateside Non-Members - 2 points


• DX/US Partners - 1 mult
• YL/OM Teams - 1 mult
• US States - 1 mult
• Countries DXCC - 1 mult
• Own DX/US Partner - 1 mult

Final score is total points times the multiplier total.

For correct scoring:
See worksheet or view and copy from YLISSB web site:
- -

Email logs will be accepted for only 10 pages or less, otherwise you
must mail log and if returns are requested, enclose enough postage
for such return or:

Send Logs/Applications in by 30 April 2003 to:

2160 Ivy Street

or via e-mail to:


YLISSB QSO Party Guidelines:


1. Any and all within confines of license, no repeater use.

2. 14.332 for DX and handicapped may initiate contacts during the
normal course of rotation as long as a control station is taking
a log.

(Note: A log does not consist of 1 or 2 check-ins and nullifies
contacts for QSO Party).

14.332 shall remain open as long as there is a willing control

Contacts initiated on 14.332 by US members to any station do not
count for QSO Party purposes.

3. Check 40 and 80 meters on the hour, 15 meters on the half hour.

Awards Applications:

1. May be sent in the form of cassette for those members who are
unable to write their contacts. We will happily score your
worksheet as this is a party and those who wish to participate
should be able to do so.

Don’t forget to indicate the time of your contacts.

2. Only a YLISSB member may win the ZL award.

3. WAC determines continent; DXCC determines country status.

4. KH and KL count as both DX and US.


1. YL/OM family relatives only.

2. You may work N4KNF/N4ZGH as one team.

3. You do not have to work N4KNF again if you work DL1TJO to count
as an additional team.

4. Do not have to reside in the same QTH.

5. All persons participating as partners or teams must let the
chairpersons know who their team-mates are PRIOR to the start of
the QSO Party.

6. When only one log is submitted in the event of a previous
request of team/partner status, credit will be given for
"single" category only.

No mini nets especially on 14.332.

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Date of info: 14 February, 2003
- Source: YLISSB Web Site - -

Original rules revised: 6 November, 2003

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YLISSB Web Site:
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Please send corrections/changes/new rules/results to:
Jan-Eric Rehn - SM3CER

Copyright © 1997-2003 Jan-Eric Rehn - SM3CER
This page was created March 3, 1997
Most recent revision February 14, 2003

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