Thursday, June 18, 2015

QRN on 10m from Over The Horizon Radar

QRN on 10m from Over The Horizon Radar

All 10 meter operators must have noticed the whistle type two-tone noise signals created by radar operating over horizon on the amateur radio 10 meter band whenever the band is open. This noise of radar over the horizon is now for more than FOUR years The intensity of the noise is very high from 28490 kHz up to band edge. This noise always disturbs DXing on this band.

The location of the radar is either in Singapore or Iran??

As I am a fan of 10 meters, many friends from ON, OZ, LA & G/M ask about this noise.

I request all the 10 M FANS (hams) who are aware of this noise to write complain to IARU/ Monitoring stations in their country. I request Amateur Radio Clubs around the world to take this matter to the appropriate authority on behalf of all.

Regards to all. 73.

Datta, VU2DSI

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