Sunday, May 24, 2015

JT65 and JT65A try it

have you tried JT65 or JT65a?

I seem to have grasped JT65 quicker than psk31.... i was having a problem with my sound or being able to TX
for a long time.... exact setting of sound on all devices are critical.

with JT65 it is not so bad..... easy....

JT65 Frequencies:

28076.0 kHz USB

24917.0 kHz USB alternate 24920.0 kHz USB

21076.0 kHz USB

18102.0 kHz USB alternate 18098.0 kHz USB

14076.0 kHz USB alternate 14075.0 kHz USB

10139.0 kHz USB alternate 10138.0 kHz USB
alternate 10137.0 kHz USB

7039.0 kHz USB alternate 7036.0 kHz USB (USA) 7076.0 kHz USB

3576.0 kHz USB

JT65 is intended for extremely weak but slowly-varying signals, such as those found on troposcatter or Earth-Moon-Earth (EME, or "moonbounce") paths. It can decode signals many decibels below the noise floor, and often allows amateurs to successfully exchange contact information without signals being audible to the human ear. Like the other digital modes, multiple-frequency shift keying is employed. However unlike the other digitalmodes, messages are transmitted as atomic units after being compressed and then encoded with a process known as forward error correction (or "FEC"). The FEC adds redundancy to the data, such that all of a message may be successfully recovered even if some bits are not received by the receiver. (The particular code used for JT65 is Reed-Solomon.) Because of this FEC process, messages are either decoded correctly or not decoded at all, with very high probability. After messages are encoded, they are transmitted using MFSK with 65 tones. Operators have also begun using the JT65 mode for contacts on the HF bands, often using QRP (very low transmit power usually less than 5 watts). While the mode was not originally intended for HF use, its popularity has resulted in several new programs being developed and enhancements to the original WSJT in order to facilitate HF operation.
To hear what a JT65 signal sounds like, click the sound icon

here are some notes on JT65 for you... please post any questions of comments below..
Thank you so much for watching my blog.

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