Wednesday, April 15, 2015

YLRL nets - everyday

Alaska Pacific Preparedness Net

1630 UTC (0830 Alaska Standard time)

Tangle Net

1800 UTC
Pat K7DUC - net control
Sue KA6SOC - assistant net control

Because of interference, we will start at 14.297 but will then move to 14.297.50. This sure helps with the QRM.

Thursday Night YL Net

0100 UTC (Summer) or 0200 UTC (Winter)
20M (14.288.0+/- & 40M (7.198+/-)
Starts alternate weekly between the 2 bands
Net starts on the hour on one band and switches on the 1/2 to the other
Anne WB1ARU - Net Control
All YLs are encouraged to call and contact any YL they can hear on either band.

Thursday Night 2M/EchoLink YL Net

Please invite all YLs you know to join us! YL Net begins at 8:00 PM EDT Thursday which currently equates to 0000 UTC Friday. You can join via RF on 145.47 (-) PL 100.0Hz or
ECHOLink Node 560686 (NF4GA-R).

TIME CHANGE NOTE! PLEASE READ- United States has moved to Daylight Saving Time. Therefore, the YL Net starts at 0000 UTC Friday Each Week Until November 2015! This keeps the net to 8 pm Eastern (Daylight)

if YOU know of any more YL nets please send details to

thanks a bunch

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