Friday, April 24, 2015

Get ready for 2m MoonBounce communications EME Earth Moon Earth

we are very interested in EME and always have been... i got the antenna for it and i am ready to go.

i have the Cushcraft 17B2

i have the 50 watts 2 meter radio

i just need the TIME

shoot me an email if you are also into and interested in EME

here is a great link to help you get started

Moonbounce is often equivalent with large antennas, low feed line losses, T/R relays, LNA's, HPA's,
Weaksignal detection, Moon tracking, lots of labor and system maintenance.

Amateur-radio moonbounce generally requires the following:

A sensitive receiver with a narrowband filter

A transmitter capable of operating on at least one amateur band above 144 MHz, and capable of producing 1500 watts of continuous radio-frequency output

An antenna with high directivity and gain, capable of being rotated in both the azimuth and elevation planes

A location in which the moon can be seen without obstruction for extended periods

A location in which humanmade radio noise is minimal

Neighbors who will tolerate the presence of a large antenna and the proximity of a high-power radio transmitter

A neighborhood without ordinances or covenants prohibiting large antennas and/or high-power radio transmitters

Operating skill and patience

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