Monday, February 2, 2015

DXpedition in Feb and March including a YL

Hello Yl's This year my husband, KB8RJ and I, WD8KUR, are traveling on another holiday-style DX-expedition. We will be active on the islands of Montserrat, at Gingerbread Hill, from Feb 7, 2015 for about a week, give or take the time to set up and put away the station at Gingerbread Hill. We then move on to the island of Dominica, Sea View Cottages, for three weeks, Feb 15 to March 8, 2015, same caveat with set up and packing. Gingerbread Hill , on Montserrat, is a wonderful ham location. It is located on the side of a mountain with wonderful views to the west from the veranda in the Heavenly Suite. This suite contains all the equipment anyone could ever need, from radios, linears, power supplies, and the assorted odds and ends that all hams seem to collect, including tools you might need to fix or rig whatever you may require. There is a 55' tower with a Mosley CL 33, that although a bit "mature" works exceptionally well. We have clear horizon from the Northeast through West, to the South. There is a mountain in the way to the East. The kitchen cupboards are "stocked" with dipoles for all manner of frequencies as well as wire and assorted equipment to make your own antennas, not to mention all the other stuff that hams donate to this site. The Heavenly Suite is on the top floor of a three floor rental villa, and generally all three floors are booked for various contests throughout the year. It really is a spectacular location for a retreat and an exceptionally wonderful ham location. The hosts are extremely helpful and do not mind when long wires and dipoles are strung up in their trees. My call on Montserrat will be VP2MUR, My husband will be VP2MRS. He wonders how he got that call--says I should have it instead--go figure?! We will be active on 10 meters through 20 meters. On Dominica--no calls assigned yet--we have a cottage in Sea View Cottages, on the Northeast Side of the island. We have not been there before so this is a new experience for us. The owners are ham-friendly and tell us that we can put whatever wires we require up in their trees. For this location we need to take all our own equipment. We are taking our Icom 7000 with power supply, our Buddi-Pole as well as assorted dipoles. We took our Buddi-Pole with us last year when we traveled to St. Marten and Saba and found it fairly easy to use, although it takes a bit of finesse to get the best performance from this system. We are new Buddi-Pole users are are still learning how make optimal use of it---something about the learning curve--we are on the curve somewhere. Listen for us. We will only be running 100 watts. We will be active on Dominica from Feb 15 through March 8, give or take the time it take to set up and then pack up our station; frequencies, 10 meters through 20 meters. We return to the USA on March 10. I look forward to working as many of you as I can. I hope to check into the DX-YL on net on Mondays and reconnect with some I met there when on Montserrat in 2013. 73 Crissie Staats WD8KUR

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