Thursday, December 4, 2014

YL ANTENNA BUILDING - updated 3/26/15

see update Understanding Antenna's page on this blog

I have been a ham for about 25 years and have mostly had beams. but, I am very interested in dipoles

and building them perfect. I have always built either 80 meter dipole or 10 meter dipole. I hear many

Yl's that use G5RV's. one VE1lt (OM) told me about the alpha delta wire antenna. (I am currently

checking them out) I will promise to post all my current experience with building dipoles. I have a

rig-expert for analyzing an antenna. if you have any tips or ideas shoot me an email

YLRL members if you are a YLRL member and you heard my Antenna talk on 3/26/15 on echolink net and you would
like for me to send you all the pieces of one of the dipoles I talked about let me know and I will mail it to you
if you pay the shipping which should not be too much because it is mostly 12 guage wires

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