WHAT is 10-10?

This statement is taken from ten-ten.org
if you are interested in 10 meters) Ten-Ten International Net,
or 10-10 for short, is an organization of amateur radio operators
dedicated to maintaining high levels of amateur radio communications
on the 10-meter amateur band (28.0-29.7 MHz). Established in 1962,
10-10 has grown continuously since that day, with some ups and downs
according to the numbers of sunspots and the openness of the band.
As you read this, the number of 10-10 numbers issued to members is over
76,000. 10-10 would welcome your membership in the organization if you
have an amateur radio license with 10-meter privileges.
10-10 is a volunteer organization with no paid officers.
Although 10-10 does contract for certain services to ensure that each
member receives his or her quarterly issue of 10-10 News, the 30+
page journal of 10-10 activities, the real work of providing services
for members falls on the shoulders of dedicated volunteers.

I love being a member and love 10 meters so we are a good match



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