Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Amateur radio contests thru the end of year 2014

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The ARRL Contest Update
If you are hesitant about diving into heavy CW traffic, the kinder, gentler ARRL Rookie Roundup's CW edition will help you give it a try. Answer stations calling "CQ R" ("CQ Rookies" - a non-Rookie looking for Rookies) or call "CQ RR" yourself ("CQ Rookie Roundup" - a Rookie looking for any station) at a speed at which you feel comfortable. After you enjoy Rookie Roundup, don't forget to take a tap at the key in the ARRL Straight Key Night before your New Year's Eve fun begins. It starts precisely at Jan 1, 0000Z and runs for 24 hours on 3.5-28 MHz and all bands from 50 MHz up. Exchange general QSO information and send in your list of contacts by Jan 31st. December 20-21 ARRL Rookie Roundup--CW NAQCC Milliwatt Sprint--CW (Dec 17) Russian 160 Meter Contest (Dec 18) Feld-Hell Rudolf Hell Sprint OK DX RTTY Contest Lighthouse Christmas Lights QSO Party Croatian CW Contest December 27-28 SKCC Straight Key Sprint (Dec 24) DARC XMAS Contest (Dec 26) RAC Winter Contest Iron Ham Contest Stew Perry Top Band Distance Challenge--CW Original QRP Contest--CW RAEM Contest--CW don't forget to pass the word for the blog KA1ULN.BLOGSPOT.COM

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