YLRL nets are looking YL (YOUNG Ladies/FEMALES/WOMEN)

The YLRL nets (time and space for women to chat on the radio)
for females/women/ladies are looking for MORE YL's to join  us on the  nets.

The main website we are affiliated with is   WWW.YLRL.ORG affiliated with arrl.

2 specific nets I would love to have more YL's join us are the following:

1.  WEDNESDAY MORNING AT 8:30  EST    frequency  (80 METERS)  3.912

2.  THURSDAY NIGHT AT 9:00 PM EST    frequency  (20 meters)   14.288

net control for both nets is  ANNE    - WB1ARU.

if you have any other questions please contact me (Niece    KA1ULN) AT  KA1ULN@MAIL.COM

if you see this posting and are NOT a yl please pass the word about this to all females with radio license.

33 ka1uln

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